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Selma Naman's Resume


Selma Naman’s Resume

Selma Naman claims that she has a PhD in psychology from the California Graduate Institute (CGI) which in 2008 merged with the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.   This is untrue.  Selma Naman does NOT have a PhD in anything.

What type of job can a criminal who has committed and been convicted of a federal crime obtain?  Looking into the jobs that Selma Naman has held makes a good argument for why we should conduct background checks on anyone we are considering having under our employ.

Selma Naman has charges of burglary, forgery, credit card fraud and unauthorized use of bank/access cards among other things.  She has been known to try and assume other people’s identities.  Naman was arrested in January, 2000.  She was later convicted and sentenced to sixteen (16) months incarceration in a federal prison followed by five (5) years supervised release.  Naman was ordered to pay restitution and participate in a mental health program as directed by the probation officer and take medication as appropriate.  Naman was ordered by the court to undergo a complete psychological examination as authorized under 18 U.S.C. 3552(b) and 4244(b). 

Selma Naman was released from federal prison on June 29, 2001 (
Selma Naman’s (5) years of supervised release ended on October 18, 2006.

FEDERAL CASE #: 00-0062M-01.
FBI # 633631FB2
Violation of 18:1341 and 18:1344
(Court documents are available from the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia)

Despite serving jail time, Selma Naman, was arrested again in October 2006.  Bail was set at $20,000.  In February 2007, WHILE PREGNANT WITH HER FIRST CHILD, Selma Naman was found guilty and convicted (for more read our blog on Selma Naman’s full criminal history).

This is not a person you would want having access to delicate information about your students, patients, family, friends etc.

Here are some of the past jobs held by Selma Naman:

Florist - Port Washington, NY (current job)
Selma Naman is partnered with various flower services such as 1-800 Flowers and FTD. 
Also sells arrangements through her own website:

North Shore Animal League - Port Washington, NY
Public Relations / Event Planning

Community Recovery - Los Angeles County
Social Worker

National Adult Day Care - Los Angeles County
Social Worker
(sued by Naman in a civil case)

Simkha Adult Day Health Care - Los Angeles County
Program Director

Cedar Sinai Adult Day Health Care Center - Los Angeles, County
Social Worker

Dr. Berckovitch - Los Angeles County
Office Manager / Insurance billing

Dr. Pembroke - Los Angeles County
Office Manager

New Horizon School - Los Angeles County
Office Manager
(sued by Naman in a civil case)

Dr. Issa Naman - Queens, NY
Selma Naman has worked/helped out at the medical practice of her stepfather, Issa Naman

Notice that many of the positions held by Naman were related to the medical field.  It is amazing how someone with her criminal history can be hired as a social worker or in any capacity that deals with children, the elderly and with personal information about families.

Working for doctors gave Naman access to much personal information regarding patients including their insurance information.  How does a woman working as a florist with no benefits pay for her own family’s medical expenses?  You never know with Selma Naman.  She certainly has been privy to much personal information especially given that she has also worked at the medical practice of her stepfather, Dr. Issa Naman.  

In 2006 Selma Naman was working at the Community Resource Center in California in exchange for room and board.  She has worked for the Cedar Sinai Adult Day Health Care Center and National Adult Day Care which she later sued.  This is the Selma Naman who, according to a former roommate, had been house sitting for a woman whose husband was dying slowly and agonizingly from cancer.  The couple had a motel/restaurant business in Washington State called the Moby Dick.  The poor woman was flying between the business in Washington State and the couple's residence in Washington DC.  Selman Naman took full advantage.  The prosecuting attorney told Naman’s roommate at the time that Naman defrauded this poor woman of $70, 000.  Naman even forged the husband's name on a check after he had been put in the GRAVE.  Take note that Selma Naman’s felony charge is with the District of Columbia where this elderly couple is said to have lived.  (The actual entry can be found by following this link:

Naman also worked as an office manager for Dr. Berckovitch, Dr. Pembroke and the New Horizon School which she also sued.  

Selma Naman’s law suit against the National Adult Day Care was on the charge of wrongful termination.  Naman claimed that she was fired because the owners were related to another Doctor whom Naman had reported for insurance fraud.  She sued on multiple counts (refer to our section regarding criminal and civil suits of Selma Naman for a complete list of her extensive court history).

Los Angeles Superior Court Civil Case
Case #: BC342741
Case Type: Wrongful Termination
Selma Naman vs. National Adult Day Care Center El Al

Los Angeles Superior Court Civil Case
Case #: 02S00991
Case Type: Small Claims
Selma Naman vs. New Horizon School Westside

Selma Naman has not held her employment positions for long periods of time.  Her criminal history has not allowed her to be gainfully employed for too long.  Perhaps this is why she seeks the courts in an attempt to sue people for money until the time comes whereby she will be handed down money from her ailing stepfather’s estate…a time in her life that Naman is looking forward to as she does not feel a strong connection to the man who entered her life when she was already 11 years old and because she craves a life style that she will NEVER be able to attain on her own.

We have learned that Selma Naman currently works as a florist arranging flowers for various delivery services such as 1-800 Flowers and FTD.  These organizations clearly do not do background checks or assess the floral skill level of those they affiliate themselves with.  Naman also sells flower arrangements via her own website where she uses the address for the Manhasset post office as her business address to have people believe that she has a store front which she does not.  Naman has no training in flower arranging.  In our opinion Naman’s arrangements do not look professionally done.  They simply look like flowers jammed into a cheap vase with no thought to the elements that make an arrangement special.  This is because Naman is only doing this as a means to an end since no one else will employ her once they discover her criminal past.

This florist job provides Naman anonymity.  Can you imagine placing a flower delivery order and having Selma Naman be the person to process it.  Keep in mind that when you place an order through joujouflowersnycom, Naman will be the one to receive your credit card information.  This person who has been convicted of bank and credit card fraud with charges of forgery has the credit card numbers of anyone who she gets an order from.  Not to mention that when she delivers the flowers she has a reason to come to your door and in close proximity to your mailbox.  Did we mention that one of her charges was for mail fraud.  This is a scary thought indeed.  Consider walking to your local florist and placing your orders directly with them.

Selma Naman also writes for The Examiner ( where her profile mentions that she has a PhD in psychology and was very close to the late Ahmet Ertegun, founder of Atlantic Records.  Other times Naman mentions that she is the niece of Ahmet Ertegun or the great-niece or the great grand niece.  Well, which one is it?  We have traced back the Ertegun family tree and Selma Naman is not a part of it.  The fact is that Selma Naman has NEVER had any kind of relationship with the late Ahmet Ertegun or we are sure to have seen a picture of them together on one of her many blogs since she thrives on her associations to give her validation.  One has to wonder how much of what Naman tells is the actual truth.  About the only truth to Selma Naman’s Examiner bio is that she relocated to New York.

One thing to learn as we come to know the real Selma Naman is that conducting backgrounds checks is an incredibly important part of the hiring process no matter what position you are hiring for and no matter how angelic the person may appear.  There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The links below will take you to some of Selma Naman’s blogs mentioning her relationship with the late Armet Ertegun:

1)    In the first post entitled "Selma Naman 1" accessed by the link below, Selma Naman claims to be the great niece of Armet Ertegun, founder of Atlantic Records in addition to a former CIA agent.

2)    In this post Selma Naman claims to now be the great grand niece of Armet Ertegun.  Selma Naman is creative if nothing else.

3)    In Naman’s Examiner bio she claims to have been "very close" to the late Armet Ertegun "since childhood."  Apparently she is no longer related to him by the time she started working for the Examiner.

Selma Naman comes across as trustworthy to those that are not aware of her criminal past.  For this reason, Naman manages to convince people that she may truly be related to the late Armet Ertegun.  In the past she has convinced start-up musicians who didn’t know any better that she could do something for them because of her ties to Atlantic Records.  This is all part of Naman’s need for acceptance and a feeling of importance brought on by her abandoned child syndrome.

We have traced the Ertegun family tree and SELMA NAMAN of Port Washington, NY is in NO WAY RELATED TO ARMET ERTEGUN.

If you are questioning whether Naman is capable of such lies, check out other claims she’s made by reading our blog regarding her made-up CIA/FBI credentials, her lies about humanitarian work in Turkey and her criminal history.

To comment on anything you have read or to share any of your stories or experiences with Selma Naman, please contact us by e-mailing

Your name and e-mail address will remain confidential.  We want people to feel comfortable sharing their story with us.


  1. She also worked at the Kellogg Conference Hotel at Gallaudet University doing some office job prior to being convicted in Washington and carted off to The Big House to make license plates. Her manager at the time, a man by the name of Luis, mentioned that she had left the spot on the application form asking about a criminal record, blank. She just didn't answer.

    Neglecting to follow up on this would come back to haunt poor Luis later...

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  3. For those of you who haven't read the blog page titled, "Dr. Issa Naman of Manhasset" where one comment/post from a reader tells you how you can verify Selma Naman's criminal history on your own, here it is again.....

    All one needs is online access to Lexis/Nexis:

    Single Search

    Only CourtLink® lets you conduct a single search across the full text of more than 168 million federal and state court dockets and documents in a single click. Then easily filter the results by date, litigation area, geography, court, and more to pinpoint the information you need. - See more at:

    It's that easy. D. Glen above was enlightened by what they discovered. Be enlightened as well and verify everything for yourself. Selma Naman spins a web of lies to confuse people but the criminal record does not lie.

  4. omg, did you see the new blog about selma? great humiliating pics toooo LMAO email me for the link!!!! so she cant report the pics, just be ready to vomit!!!!!!!!!!!

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