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Selma Naman - Psychologist, PhD, Niece of Armet Ertegun...ALL LIES


Psychologist, PhD, Niece of Armet Ertegun - ALL LIES

Selma Naman supposedly graduated with a B.S. from St. John’s University but Naman takes the letters B.S. to their extreme alternate meaning.

Selma Naman tells people that she is a psychologist.  She wants people to believe that the reason she left the field of psychology was because she wanted to be a more hands-on mom.  The truth is that Selma Naman does not hold a Master’s Degree and much less a PhD from the California Graduate Institute (CGI) (which in 2008 merged with the Chicago School of Professional Psychology) as she claims.  SELMA NAMAN DOES NOT HOLD A PhD IN ANYTHING. 

The irony of a person in need of psychiatric treatment claiming to be a psychologist is not lost on anyone who knows the real Selma Naman. 

Another falsehood of Naman’s is her past association with the late Armet Ertegun, founder of Atlantic Records.

1)    In the first post entitled "Selma Naman 1" accessed by the link below, Selma Naman claims to be the great niece of Armet Ertegun, founder of Atlantic Records in addition to a former CIA agent.

2)    In this post Selma Naman claims to now be the great grand niece of Armet Ertegun and to have attended an event with Puffy D.  Selma Naman is creative if nothing else.

We have traced the Ertegun family tree and SELMA NAMAN IS IN NO WAY RELATED TO ARMET ERTEGUN.

3)    In the third (3rd) posting entitled "Selma Naman" and which begins with the sentence "Selma Naman inspired by Armet Ertegun" accessed by the link below, Naman claims that in the year 2000 she volunteered her services overseas for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey. She aided and translated for the Egyptian physicians in Adapazarri, Turkey.  ALL LIES.

The truth is that in the year 2000, Naman was captured in California and carted off to face federal charges of bank fraud among other things.  Naman was arrested in January 2000 and was later convicted and sentenced to sixteen (16) months incarceration in a federal prison followed by five (5) years supervised release.  Naman was ordered to pay restitution and participate in a mental health program as directed by the probation officer and take medication as appropriate.  Naman was ordered by the court to undergo a complete psychological examination as authorized under 18 U.S.C. 3552(b) and 4244(b).  

Selma Naman was released from federal prison on June 29, 2001 (

Selma Naman’s (5) years of supervised release ended on October 18, 2006. 

Naman conveniently and selfishly used the misery of others and the devastation that had taken place in Turkey as the justification for her sudden disappearance.

FEDERAL CASE #: 00-0062M-01. 
FBI # 633631FB2   
(court documents are available from the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia)

Naman continued her life of crime even after serving prison time.  She was again arrested in 2006 and found guilty and convicted in February 2007 WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT WITH HER FIRST CHILD (for more about Naman’s crimes read our blog about her criminal history)

4)    Selma Naman has recently been writing reviews for the music section of  In Selma Naman’s bio on her page of the she again claims to have known Armet Ertegun (apparently she is no longer his niece by this point), to have a PhD in psychology and to have toured with bands.  About the only truth in her Examiner profile is that she relocated to New York.

Selma Naman currently works as a florist arranging flowers for various delivery services such as 1-800 Flowers and FTD Florist and for herself using the company name, Jou Jou.  The reason is not because Naman wants to be a more hands-on mom but because it is not easy for someone with her criminal past to find gainful employment that will help her maintain her fa├žade.  The job as florist allows her anonymity.  Orders get routed to Naman from various flower companies and she fills the orders without being seen or heard by the customer.  This works out well for a convicted felon until customers begin to find out that they are supplying their credit card information to someone with charges of credit card fraud and having their flowers delivered to their doorstep by someone with charges of mail fraud. 

Selma Naman also has various blogs where she claims to be a former CIA/FBI operative - ALL LIES.  We have dedicated a blog exclusively to these claims and ask that you refer to it to read more about how Naman tries to hide behind these fake credentials.

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  1. For those of you who haven't read the blog page titled, "Dr. Issa Naman of Manhasset" where one comment/post from a reader tells you how you can verify Selma Naman's criminal history on your own, here it is again.....

    All one needs is online access to Lexis/Nexis:

    Single Search

    Only CourtLink® lets you conduct a single search across the full text of more than 168 million federal and state court dockets and documents in a single click. Then easily filter the results by date, litigation area, geography, court, and more to pinpoint the information you need. - See more at:

    It's that easy. D. Glen above was enlightened by what they discovered. Be enlightened as well and verify everything for yourself. Selma Naman spins a web of lies to confuse people but the criminal record does not lie.

  2. A narcissist and psychopath. A career criminal.
    A complete and utter loser (or as Selma would spell it "looser").

  3. dont forget deranged pigface skank with fatherless children and a list of felony convictions for being a thief