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Selma Naman: Children and Motherhood


Selma Naman’s Children and MotherHood

Selma Naman has two children, a daughter and a son, who are currently around the ages of 7 and 6. 

At one time they attended the First Class Preschool in Manhasset, NY now renamed the Northshore Early Childhood Center.  They also attended the Happy Montessori school in Port Washington, NY.  They currently attend one of the elementary schools in the district of Port Washington, NY.

You would think that with two children Selma Naman would try to keep a low profile but yet she still continues to harass those she feels have wronged her in anyway.  What most of us would just shrug our shoulders at, Naman sees as betrayal and rejection. 

Check out this post made regarding the director at the First Class Preschool where Naman’s children once attended.  Notice how the post is made to look like it is written by one of the teachers at the school.  Notice further that some of the responses address the poster as "SN" because they were familiar with whatever situation occurred and knew that it was Selma Naman doing the posting.  Parents pleaded with Naman to remove the names of the children and were astounded at the name she used to refer to one child.  This is the real Selma Naman everyone and children are not off limits.  She defames people with lies under an assumed alias because she is too cowardly to come forth with her true identity.  Selma Naman is a pathological liar; she is a psychopath; she is a criminal.

Naman posted the same story again on a site called "Ripoff Report" one day later (Naman is familiar with because it contains some of Naman’s own criminal history told by people who were present).  Notice how here she uses only the first letter of the children’s names.  This is probably because she read the posts from angry parents on  It didn’t stop her, however, from making sure she defamed the parents, the school and its director on multiple websites.

Selma Naman is viewed by her community as a lover of children but you can see from her posts above that children are not off limits in her game of revenge.  Naman is known to be a person who arranges multiple playdates in a week for her children’s friends.  Parents, be careful who you leave your children with. 

Selma Naman is a name thrower because she believes that she gains importance by way of her associations many of which are made-up and untrue (as in the case of her association with Armet Ertegun).  Selma Naman’s desire for multiple playdates does not come from a place of giving and kindness.  Her desire to be surrounded by people is rooted in her need to feel valued and accepted.  This helps fill a void left in her from being abandoned by her biological father.  Her associations also aid in her cover up because if many think she is a good person, there will be little curiosity to uncover her past.  However, this woman who portrays herself as a lover of all animals and children has another much more sinister reason for her angelic façade.  Her goal is to gain people’s trust, to get them to confide in her, to find out as much about them as she can.  She will then use everything she has on you later should she ever feel the need.

Those who know the kind side of Selma Naman respect and feel compassion for her.  Naman is perceived as a "super mom" in her community because people view her as a single mother who was betrayed by her husband, a woman who quit her "real" job to be a more hands-on-mom and a woman who tries to find ways to make money from home by arranging flowers so she can be available for her children while providing for them. 

The truth to Selma Naman’s stay-at-home mom status is that (1) she is NOT a psychologist as she claims.  Selma Naman does not have a PhD in psychology or anything else and this is the real reason she is not in that field of work. (2) her criminal past does not allow her to find a job outside the home that will afford her a lifestyle she will be happy with.

 Naman aspires to things much greater than what she currently has but she will never be able to attain them on her own.  This is another cause of contention for her.  Naman looks forward to the day that she receives her share of the estate of her ailing step-father.  When this day comes, take note of Naman’s demeanor; she will be happier than she’s ever been as she does not feel a strong connection to the man who entered her life when she was already 11 years old and because Selma Naman craves a life style that she will NEVER be able to attain on her own. 

The thing to remember most about Selma Naman is that she is a dangerous person.  She has symptoms of abandoned child syndrome resulting from being abandoned by her biological father, (James) Selcuk Gursen, and she is predisposed to psychotic tendencies. 

When Selma Naman was sentenced to sixteen (16) months incarceration in a federal prison followed by five (5) years supervised release, the judge ordered that Naman participate in a mental health program as directed by the probation officer and take medication as appropriate.  Naman was ordered by the court to undergo a complete psychological examination as authorized under 18 U.S.C. 3552(b) and 4244(b).  Naman continued her life of crime WHILE PREGNANT WITH HER FIRST CHILD.  She was convicted in 2007 for additional crimes (Read our blog dedicated exclusively to Naman's extensive criminal history for more details about her crimes).

FEDERAL CASE #: 00-0062M-01. 
FBI # 633631FB2
(court documents are available from the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia)

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  1. For those of you who haven't read the blog page titled, "Dr. Issa Naman of Manhasset" where one comment/post from a reader tells you how you can verify Selma Naman's criminal history on your own, here it is again.....

    All one needs is online access to Lexis/Nexis:

    Single Search

    Only CourtLink® lets you conduct a single search across the full text of more than 168 million federal and state court dockets and documents in a single click. Then easily filter the results by date, litigation area, geography, court, and more to pinpoint the information you need. - See more at:

    It's that easy. D. Glen above was enlightened by what they discovered. Be enlightened as well and verify everything for yourself. Selma Naman spins a web of lies to confuse people but the criminal record does not lie.

  2. I feel so sorry for her kids. She's fucking them up right now and she will continue until the day they leave home - forever (no boomerang kids here).
    They will grow up to hate her, just like all children who endured narcissistic parents.

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  5. How many people know about all of her local Nassau County arrests in the recent past? She's done it all, child neglect, shoplifting, credit card fraud..etc. The police know her all to well. Selma Naman (or Jellabi or Gurson) or is a total nutjob and should be institutionalized. Be careful if you have any children because her favorite thing is to call Child Protective Services. She creates multiple profiles to go along with her multiple personalities

  6. The thing to remember most about Selma Naman is that she is a dangerous person. She has symptoms of abandoned child syndrome resulting from being abandoned by her biological father, (James) Selcuk Gursen, and she is predisposed to psychotic tendencies. psycho pig skank

  7. stop lying , you live in port washingtion in a shitty "townhouse" by the smelly marina because you are so "rich" lmao ..... you belong on a pig farm....

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