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Selma Naman - Who is this woman that goes by so many names?


Selma Naman, Selma Jellabi, Selma Gursen: Who is this woman that goes by so many names

There have been many internet postings about a woman that goes by Selma Naman, Selma Gursen, Selma Jellabi and even Selma Garzaroli.

Here is how Selma Naman, Jellabi, Gursen came to be known by so many names.

Selma was born Selma Gursen in Brooklyn, NY on July 26, 1969 to her mother, Meral, and her father, (James) Selcuk Gursen.  Seems the union of Meral and James did not work out.  In July of 1980 in the state of Nevada Meral remarried a man named Issa Naman.  Issa Naman was a doctor and many years older than Meral.  No doubt that marriage to a doctor was very appealing to Meral who was raising her daughter, Selma, with no child support and who was determined to marry better the second time around.  Selma was 11 years old when the nuptials took place.  Issa Naman adopted Selma and that is how she came to be known by the name Selma Naman.  DR. ISSA NAMAN IS NOT SELMA’S BIOLOGICAL FATHER.

In the following year of Meral's marriage to Dr. Issa Naman, Meral gave birth to a daughter, Mona (now age 32) then a son, Nigel (now age 31).  Selma was about 12 years old when her step sister was born.  This is why there is a large gap in age between Selma Naman and her siblings.

It seems Selma Naman has always lived feeling abandoned by her biological father, (James) Selchuk Gursen, whom she had little contact with growing up.  Naman has sought a relationship with her biological father because as an adult already with children Selma tried to locate his whereabouts.  Her search can now end because (James) Selchuk Gursen passed away in 2012.

Selma Naman uses many names in an attempt to try and conceal her past.  She has used her middle name, Turkay, she uses Tina and sometimes only T. Selma. She does this because Selma Naman is a convicted felon.  She uses aliases and has charges of bank fraud, mail fraud, identity theft, forgery, fraudulent use of credit cards, false representation and grand theft among others.  She is also known to the system for harassing behaviors necessitating the implementation of court-ordered restraining orders.  Court documents are available for the states of California, New York and Washington DC.

In the year 2000, Selma Naman was captured in California and carted off to face federal charges of bank fraud among other things.  Naman was arrested in January 2000.  She was later convicted and sentenced to sixteen (16) months incarceration in a federal prison followed by five (5) years supervised release.  Naman was ordered to pay restitution and participate in a mental health program as directed by the probation officer and take medication as appropriate.  Naman was ordered by the court to undergo a complete psychological examination as authorized under 18 U.S.C. 3552(b) and 4244(b). 

Selma Naman was released from federal prison on June 29, 2001 (  Her five (5) years of supervised release ended on October 18, 2006.  

FEDERAL CASE #: 00-0062M-01.
FBI # 633631FB2
Violation of 18:1341 and 18:1344
(Records available from the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia)

Selma Naman was again arrested on October 18, 2006 in Burbank California on a felony charge (Booking #: 9249568) WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT WITH HER FIRST CHILD.  Bail was set at $20,000.  Selma Naman was pregnant with her first child and still committing crimes.

Selma is known to have lived in many parts of the state of California (Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Van Nuys etc).  She has also lived in Washington, DC and various other parts of the United States.  Not unusual for a person whose past will eventually catch up with them as is the case with Selma Naman.  Her mother, Meral, and step father live in Manhasset, NY.  Selma Naman is currently living in Port Washington, NY which is a short distance from Manhasset.

Selma Naman has two children, a daughter and a son, who are currently around the ages of 7 and 6.  The children go by the last name Jellabi after the supposed father, Mourad B. Jellabi who is living in California with his current wife and family.  This is how Selma is also linked to the Jellabi name.  It is difficult to say with certainty when Naman moved back to NY from California but we have learned that her youngest child was not a year old yet.  That would put her move back to NY at about 6 or 7 years ago as of this post (2014).  

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  5. Yes. Selma Naman's psychotic ways date back to her childhood. Her biological father abandoned her and her mother is not the role model either. Just read the blog about Selma Naman's marriages and how her mother was involved in that marriage fraud to the doctor in Turkey. They are unstable..

    For those of you who haven't read the blog page titled, "Dr. Issa Naman of Manhasset" where one comment/post from a reader tells you how you can verify Selma Naman's criminal history on your own, here it is again.....

    All one needs is online access to Lexis/Nexis:

    Single Search

    Only CourtLink® lets you conduct a single search across the full text of more than 168 million federal and state court dockets and documents in a single click. Then easily filter the results by date, litigation area, geography, court, and more to pinpoint the information you need. - See more at:

    It's that easy. D. Glen above was enlightened by what they discovered. Be enlightened as well and verify everything for yourself. Selma Naman spins a web of lies to confuse people but the criminal record does not lie.

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