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Dr. Issa Naman of Manhasset, NY

Dr. Issa Naman of Manhasset, NY - Father of Selma Naman, Convicted Felon

In 1969 Issa Naman graduated from the Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest.  He did his internship at Cabrini Medical Center in 1975 and his residency at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx (NY) in 1976.  Dr. Issa Naman received his license to practice medicine in 1978.

In July of 1980 in the state of Nevada Dr. Issa Naman married Meral Gursen.  Meral had a daughter named Selma from a previous marriage to a man named (James) Selcuk Gursen.  No doubt that marriage to a doctor was very appealing to Meral who was raising her daughter, Selma, with no child support.  Selma was 11 years old when the nuptials took place.  Dr. Issa Naman adopted Selma and that is how she came to be known by the name Selma Naman.

In the following year of marriage, Meral gave birth to a daughter, Mona (now age 32) then a son, Nigel (now age 31).  Selma was about 12 years old when her step sister was born.  This is why there is a large gap in age between Selma Naman and her siblings (To learn more about Mona and Nigel read our blogs dedicated exclusively to them).


Dr. Issa Naman and his wife, Meral Naman, live the life of outstanding citizens in their town of MANHASSET, NY but they are far from it.  Their daughter, Selma Naman, is a convicted felon with charges of bank fraud, identity theft, credit card fraud, burglary and so.  SELMA NAMAN did time in a federal prison in the year 2000 (FBI # 633631FB2, FEDERAL INMATE NUMBER 23256-016).  She was released on June 29, 2001.  Selma Naman currently resides in Port Washington, NY.  Despite her run ins with the law, she seems to welcome the opportunity to stand before a judge as evidenced by her many civil lawsuits.  Selma Naman was again convicted of crimes in February 2007 WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT WITH HER FIRST CHILD (read our blog on Selma Naman’s criminal history for more info).

Dr. Issa M. Naman has criminal charges as well for violation of 18 U.S.C. 371 & 2 and 42 U.S.C. 1320A-7b(b)(1)(B).  These are CHARGES of CONSPIRACY and RECEIVING CASH KICKBACK PAYMENTS.

A WARRANT FOR THE ARREST OF DR. ISSA NAMAN was issued in June 1998.  Dr. Naman was given probation with a bond set at $200,000 which was secured by his home and cosigned by his wife, Meral Naman.  Dr. Naman was forced to surrender all travel documents to the U.S. Attorney and had to refrain from contacting anyone he knew or believed to be a government witness, informant or cooperator.  


USA vs. Issa Naman
US Southern District Court of NY
Case #: 1:98-mj-01429-UA-1
Date Filed: 6/17/1998

There are numerous law suits brought on by Dr. Issa Naman and his wife, Meral, including charges of malpractice when Dr. Issa Naman underwent heart surgery at St. Francis Hospital in Nassau County (Refer to case #: 112488/00).  The Namans claim to be good friends with Dr. Oz (from the highly popular "Dr. Oz" show).  The Namans are known for name throwing even if they don’t actually know the person.  The fact is that their affiliation with Dr. Oz is that he was one of the doctors involved in Issa Naman’s heart surgery and one of the doctors named in the law suit mentioned above which the Namans filed.

There are also lawsuits brought against the Namans for failure to pay their bills including one from New York Presbyterian Hospital for the Naman’s failure to pay medical bills totaling over $334,000 (Refer to case #:016462/2001).  Another way the Naman’s get out of paying their bills is to file for bankruptcy as Meral Naman did as a managing member of Min Shopping Center LLC which in 2011 filed for bankruptcy with a claim against them by HSBC bank for having a $25,000 overdraft in their checking account.  Not to mention a claim by the State of Florida Escambia County for unpaid sales tax. 

Their daughter and son, Mona and Nigel Neman, are keeping the family lawsuit legacy alive:

Mona N. Naman v. Harold Sprachman
Supreme Court of the State of New York County of Nassau
Index #: 601004/2011
Case Type: Motor Vehicle

Harsharan Sethi vs. Mona N. Naman
Nassau County District Court - 2nd District
Index #: SC-002144-06/HE
Case Type: Small Claim
Filing Date: 8/24/2006
Disposition Date: 10/17/2006

Nassau County District Court - 2nd District
LVNV Funding LLC A/P/O Bank of America vs. Nigel Naman
Case #: CV-032361-08/HE
Case Type: Civil
Classification: Consumer Credit
Filing Date: 9/5/2008
Disposition Date: 7/26/2011

Their daughter, Selma Naman, has such an extensive law suit history and criminal past that we’ve dedicated a separate section entirely to her.  For more on Selma Naman’s law suits read our blog titled "serial sue’er" and read our blog about her criminal history to learn about her arrests and jail time.

Here is a listing of the civil lawsuit cases we located for Dr. Issa Naman and Meral Naman

Issa Naman, M.D. and Meral Naman VS. St. Francis Hospital etal
Supreme Court - State of New York, County of Nassau
Index No. 112488/00
Motion Date: 12/20/01
Motion Sequence: 03
Motion Cal. No: 84

Issa Naman, M.D., P.C. VS. Suhail Alqadi
New York Supreme Court - Queens County
Index NO: 24531/98
Motion Date: 1/16/2002
Motion Cal. NO: 34

Issa Naman, M.D. v. Sylveen Realty Co. Etal
New York Civil Supreme Court - Queens County
Index NO: 016593/1991
Case Type: Tort

Issa Naman, M.D. v. Apat, Burton J. Etal
New York Civil Supreme Court - Queens County
Index NO: 019137/1994
Case Type: Other Real Property

Issa Naman vs. Clara Joyner, Samuel Joyner, National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), NALC Health Benefit Plan, US Office of Personnel Management
Eastern District Court of NY
Case #: 1:02-cv-03079-ERK-VVP
Date Filed: 5/24/2002
Breach of Contract
Case against the defendants was dismissed in its entirety

Landmark Food Corp v. Meral Naman
New York Civil Supreme Court - Suffolk County
Index NO: 005420/1988
Case Type: Contract

Long Island Savings Bank v. Meral Naman etal 
New York Civil Supreme Court - Queens County
Index NO: 011542/1992
Case Type: Foreclosure

New York Presbyterian Hospital VS. Issa Naman and Meral Naman
Supreme Court - State of New York, County of Nassau
Index No. 016462/2001
Motion Date: 4/21/2005
Motion Sequence: 004
Hospital sued to recover the sum of $334,641.56 representing the cost of medical and hospital services rendered to Issa Naman

As much money as this family has, it is astonishing that they make a mockery of the medical profession by suing doctors and not paying medical bills.  This is the profession that Issa Naman is a part of himself.  The banks have to chase them down too because they don’t want to pay their bills.  One can only wonder if their irresponsibility transfers over to other debts as well. 


Meral Naman is no stranger to handling the family’s finances.  The following is a list of campanies incorporated under the name of Meral Naman. 

Fairway Diagnostic Inc. 
Cesme Properties LLC
123 Millennium Technology, Inc.
Min Shopping Center LLC

Meral is the managing member of Min Shopping Center LLC which in 2011 filed for bankruptcy with a claim against them by HSBC bank for having a $25,000 overdraft in their checking account.  Not to mention a claim by the State of Florida Escambia County for unpaid sales tax. 

Meral Naman is named as the owner of apartments in Fort Lauderdale, Fl where she and her family lived at one time.

Meral Naman is also named as the owner of the property in which Dr. Issa Naman’s medical practice resides on 3201 75th Street in East Elmhurst, NY (Queens).

Meral Naman is also said to be the owner of shopping malls in the state of Florida.

All information regarding criminal history and law suits is a matter of public record and can be verified using the case information provided.

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Your name and e-mail address will remain confidential.  We want people to feel comfortable sharing their story with us.



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      She was not on probation in 2006 van neigh id she have to get permission t travel. It is al bullshit. She married quietly to 2 husbands one which was a doctor but became a loser.

      Selma's family may have tried to sue but droped the case and this is AMERICA - where suing is not ilegal white people. At ease Selma graduated from graduate school made something of hersel. no matter what she has her loved ones her education and those of whom ALL know about her past which took place in 2000 is all in the past.

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  6. Dr. Oz's father a cardiologist is goo friens with the NAMANS

    Dr, Naman's case was dismissed because there was a number of doctors being investigated at the time in the ocal vincentity but no further action was taken.

    Selcuk was an attorney and a physician at the same time as Dr. Naman an no secuk was never Selma's father,. Dr. Naman was selma's father. The detective who spoke to you christa has told you that ou are posting fabrications and to stop because selma file a report and is suing you. Of course you live from couch to couch with all your birds, you cant really afford to pay your restitution.

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    You can't even SPELL the word, dumbass. Selma can't even spell the name of the discipline she professes to have a doctorate in. She had other people write her essays as an undergrad because otherwise she would never have passed her coursework. She's not even entitled to an undergraduate degree.

    A BOOK???
    You can't string two sentences together without screwing it up multiple times.

    In what areas of your felony conviction expertise, identity theft, forgery and fraud? You can't do anything else. You even manage to get caught shoplifting.

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