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Selma Naman - Her "Husband" Mourad Ben Jellabi


Selma Naman’s "Husband" - Mourad Ben Jellabi  

The man people think of as having been the husband of Selma Naman is Mourad B. Jellabi.  This is because Mourad is said to be the father of Selma Naman’s two children.  If Selma and Mourad were ever married at all, it was through Islamic law which states that what is needed to constitute a marriage is a proposal and an acceptance of the proposal.  There must also be the presence of two reliable witnesses.  We believe that no marriage of any kind took place between the aforementioned parties.  If you read our blog on Naman’s marriages, you’ll discover that Naman has been married more than once, but NEVER to Mourad.

Mourad Ben Jellabi is supposedly the father of Selma Naman’s two children.  We say "supposedly" because Selma Naman is known to have lied on numerous occasions to a variety of men regarding pregnancies and paternity.  Mourad would have been wise to verify the paternity of the two children and we hope he has.

Mourad Jellabi works for Excel Laser Vision Institute in California as the technician.  Mourad Jellabi assists the doctor in surgeries but he is not a doctor himself which is what Selma Naman would have everyone believe.

It was Selma Naman’s desire to marry Mourad Jellabi according to the laws of the state especially given that she was carrying his child (supposedly his).  This was not the first pregnancy for Selma Naman.  Selma had become pregnant prior but made the decision to terminate the pregnancy.  Now that she was pregnant again, Mourad promised to marry her legally.  This promise never came to fruition because Mourad had another woman by the name of Asma Zarrouki from Turkey who he had known prior to meeting Selma Naman.  On a trip to Turkey, Mourad reunited with Asma and the relationship between he and Naman came to an abrupt end.  Mourad and Asma are living together in California and have children from their union.   

Did Mourad Jellabi know of Selma Naman’s criminal past or did she fool him as she has so many.  Rekindling his relationship with Asma Zarrouki in the manner that he did is not commendable, however, some may think that he made the right choice and is now with the better woman.  Of course, Mourad Jellabi has endured time in courtroom battles with Naman over paternity and domestic violence charges filed against him (read our blog on Naman’s civil law suits for more info).  Since Naman is known to be a pathological liar who will do and say anything to get back at someone, one has to wonder if the domestic violence charges had any merit whatsoever or if this was simply Naman’s way of getting back at Mourad for the emotional pain he had caused her.  Only Mourad Jellabi and Selma Naman know the real answer to that question.  If the charges were fabricated, it is further confirmation for Selma Naman that Mourad Jellabi is currently with the better woman.

Selma Naman loves to throw the word karma around at other people when she projects her crimes and deeds onto others (Naman does accuse others of the deeds Naman herself is guilty of).

Perhaps being left by Mourad Jellabi was Naman’s karma for having done the same to one Dr. Leysi Muhammed whom Naman married in Turkey in 2006.  The following day after the wedding Selma fled back to the United States with all the wedding presents and diamond ring given to her without a word to her new groom (for more info on this read our blog on Naman’s marriages).

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  1. From the archives, May 6, 2009.

    "Selma is so crazy she sued the father of her kid on Judge Judy. She's enormously pregnant in this youtube video segment.

    While watching wait until you see the second segment where Selma's crazy case comes up. What an exhibitionist, eh? Judge Judy says to the father of her kid something about trying to "populate" the USA with kids and she sarcastically calls Selma a "genius" for having yet another kid with Mourad. Mourad dumped her after 5 years to marry a wife from Tunisia: evidently the con was herself conned. Serial suer Selma was trying to sue him for having her falsely arrested for Domestic Violence; Judge Judy didn't buy it. LOL!"
    *Too bad its no longer there because it was just hysterical :(

    1. That video you are talking about is on YouTube...

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  8. For those of you who haven't read the blog page titled, "Dr. Issa Naman of Manhasset" where one comment/post from a reader tells you how you can verify Selma Naman's criminal history on your own, here it is again.....

    All one needs is online access to Lexis/Nexis:

    Single Search

    Only CourtLink® lets you conduct a single search across the full text of more than 168 million federal and state court dockets and documents in a single click. Then easily filter the results by date, litigation area, geography, court, and more to pinpoint the information you need. - See more at:

    It's that easy. D. Glen above was enlightened by what they discovered. Be enlightened as well and verify everything for yourself. Selma Naman spins a web of lies to confuse people but the criminal record does not lie.